Los Angeles Street Art - Little Mexico

Took a trip through a part of Lower Downtown known as Little Mexico and found some ill graf walls. Enjoy!

The New Years Project - Gumby and James Mitchell

The New Years Project roars on with New Years Advice/Empowerment from Gumby and James Mitchell, two of the City of Angels’ best and brightest. Press play, its easily the most entertaining two and a half minutes you’ll have all day, and you’ll walk away PUMPED.

2018 was a challenging year for me personally. One of my main challenges was getting robbed on the Metro of my whole creative arsenal. One thing lead to another and before I knew it, I was homeless. It took every bit of determination and the help of a village to keep me in Los Angeles.

My Christmas trip to El Paso, Texas was a total shitstorm, so when I returned home to LA, I was ready to take the city by storm. I arrived back to the sudden and painful ending of a relationship, but rather than mope, I decided to take the power of 2019 in my own hands.

ENTER THE NEW YEARS PROJECT. Reflections and best wishes for New Year from real people on the streets of LA.After spending some time on the streets with my crew, its obvious that the hopes I have for 2019 are widespread. Much love to everyone who participated in the project.

Please submit your own landscape photos or video of you doing your New Years thing for inclusion in a feature length documentary project to info@freelancexcreative.com.

Lastly, be on the lookout for the Valentine’s Day project, coming soon.

Light/Lens Study w Richie Marrufo

Some stills from Enks’s “No Pasa Nada” Private showing. Richie Marrufo is one of the Sun City’s most solid/consistent individuals; organizing events/MC’ing/ rocking open mics several times a week. Much love to all your initiatives and the love you put into your stuff. - King Louix

Christmas Day Photoshoot With Victoria Lynn

Had an opportunity to do a quick photoshoot with Victoria Lynn. Had a blast shooting in the beautiful home of Alex Meza and his partner Brian. Went for a range of feels from Warm Christmas to Synthwave style Duo Tone. Shot on Panasonic G7 with the stock lens, a vintage 50mm Minolta, and a vintage 35mm Minolta.

Power at the Pass Portraits

Had a blast in my hometown of El Paso this past week experimenting with lighting and camera tests for an upcoming series called All City. Here are a few portraits taken during a private showing of Enks private show “No Pasa Nada.”

A Current Affair Vintage Fashion Event

Sunday’s always a great day for shopping and inspiration. While I wasn’t in the position to buy anything but a couple of dumplings and margaritas (complimentary), I certainly drew tons of inspiration from the collection on hand at A Current Affair Vintage Fashion event at the Cooper Building, a beautiful facility with lots and lots of natural lighting. It was a treat!


From the Current Affair website:

Our community of over 150 vintage retailers and private dealers showcase the best vintage clothing, accessories and jewelry on the planet. Each of our events feature a robust roster of exhibitors, prominent supporters from the fashion and editorial worlds, food and beverage sponsors and eminent members of our host committee. We represent a wide cross-section of vintage sellers from across the globe, who gather 3 times a year in Los Angeles and twice a year in New York and the SF Bay Area to bring together the best vintage under one roof.

Monica Rose and Drew Ginsburg of Dylandex Collection


R. I. P. Raymond Harley Saenz aka El Dreamer and Tatt'd Dreamz

Hip-Hop artist El Dreamer, an artists I had the pleasure of working with, recently passed away. El Dreamer was an incredibly talented hard working artist who had a spirit I rarely see in artists and I’m truly saddened by his passing.

In Love Again, the music video I collaborated with him on, was both of our firsts. Its the most viewed video I’ve produced to date. I shot the video almost nine years ago to the date, on Canon XL2’s, just before the DSLR revolution.

El Dreamer was a Freelance Creative in every sense of the word. Shortly after I shot a music video for his song he went out and got a 5d before I got my 7d and worked tirelessly to perfect both his music and video craft.

Other hip-hop and rap artists eventually came to him for music videos and dude was starting to make some real moves.

El Dreamer, or Tattd Dreamz as he later came to be known, was a super cool dude who opened his home to me, fed me, introduced me to his Mom and bought me beers after we finished shooting. He introduced me to his Mom and after then I referred to him as Raymond.

Raymond’s Mom was super cool to me, just like his Mom. It was evident to me back then that she was very proud of her son, I can imagine how much prouder she was after he dropped gems like this one.

Raymond’s music showed a great love for his mother and dealt with female empowerment and treating women well.

El Paso and the world lost a great person with tremendous talent. My condolences to Raymond’s family.

Here’s a few more of his best: