R. I. P. Raymond Harley Saenz aka El Dreamer and Tatt'd Dreamz

Hip-Hop artist El Dreamer, an artists I had the pleasure of working with, recently passed away. El Dreamer was an incredibly talented hard working artist who had a spirit I rarely see in artists and I’m truly saddened by his passing.

In Love Again, the music video I collaborated with him on, was both of our firsts. Its the most viewed video I’ve produced to date. I shot the video almost nine years ago to the date, on Canon XL2’s, just before the DSLR revolution.

El Dreamer was a Freelance Creative in every sense of the word. Shortly after I shot a music video for his song he went out and got a 5d before I got my 7d and worked tirelessly to perfect both his music and video craft.

Other hip-hop and rap artists eventually came to him for music videos and dude was starting to make some real moves.

El Dreamer, or Tattd Dreamz as he later came to be known, was a super cool dude who opened his home to me, fed me, introduced me to his Mom and bought me beers after we finished shooting. He introduced me to his Mom and after then I referred to him as Raymond.

Raymond’s Mom was super cool to me, just like his Mom. It was evident to me back then that she was very proud of her son, I can imagine how much prouder she was after he dropped gems like this one.

Raymond’s music showed a great love for his mother and dealt with female empowerment and treating women well.

El Paso and the world lost a great person with tremendous talent. My condolences to Raymond’s family.

Here’s a few more of his best: