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We get people stoned then ask them questions. all kinds of stoned. All kinds of questions.

 My friend Louis

ten years ago Louis Michael mifsud moved to Los Angeles to fulfill his lifelong dream of making films. A lot has transpired in the time he’s been in La, including having his house burn down, being diagnosed with cancer and undergoing chemotherapy.

Three years ago Luis Ruiz Aguilar moved here three years ago to fulfill his lifelong dream of making films . At one point he lived in a luxury apartment in Glendale, on the verge of tremendous success. the commercial venture he was part of folded unexpectedly, and soon he was living out of his girlfriend’s car. a few months later they broke up and he ended up on the street, but not before being robbed of all his filmmaking gear.

Neither has given up on their dreams. Together, they are going to make them happen. come along for the ride.